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talk about at end of chapter 1

One of the key concepts for understanding computer-mediated communication is technological determinism. Chandler (1995) uses the term to refer to the common assumption that technologies are the primary cause of: 
x major social and historical changes at the macrosocial level of social structure and processes; and/or
x subtle but profound social and psychological influences at the microsocial level of the regular use of particular kinds of tools. 

Based on this concept, Thurlow et. al (2004, p. 41) identify four main assumptions, i.e. that technological determinism: 
x reduces the relationship between technology and culture to one of straightforward cause and effect (reductionistic), 
x oversimplifies an otherwise complex relationship to the effects of a single factor (monistic),
x represents technology as neutral or value-free and therefore absolved of “responsibility” (neutralizing), 
x presents technological “progress” as unstoppable, inevitable, and irreversible (technological imperative).

source: unpublished master thesis, daniel kececi

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